What makes us standout:

The 313C specializes in designing and implementing Next Generation Recruitment, which provides the highest level candidate-matching to our clients’ needs.

We’ve operated on the Polish market since 2010. Among our clients, are Budimex SA, SEAT VGP, Sabre, Ericpol, Tieto Poland, Arvato, Orlen Oil, Albea Poland, the Ministry of Finance, Regional Development Agency.

Our goal is to revolutionize the recruitment and selection market by implementing a value-, game- and data-driven methodology and understanding the people on both sides of the recruitment process: candidates and employers.

We are the authors of the first recruitment and selection project in Poland, which is fully game- and value-driven, and has been successfully implemented in a competitive business environment.

We effectively combine the theoretical methodology with business reality:

^ We have 13 years of business experience.

^ We are the authors of many scientific and popular publications in the field of recruitment and selection, including the first book on the Polish market fully dedicated to the theory and practice of Situational Judgement Tests in recruitment, selection and employee assessment.

^ In cooperation with experts from universities such as Princeton University and the Jagiellonian University, among others, we conduct scientific work in the field of Applicant Attraction and Employer Branding.

^ In order to ensure the highest validity and optimal psychometric properties of the tools we’ve created, we cooperate with Prof. Stephen Sireci, the world-renowned expert on the accuracy of diagnostic tools.

Our values

313C culture is built on the values which draw a straight and clear path within business. By offering our clients recruitment and selection processes conducted in line with their corporate values, our offer reflects our own values and how we run our business on the daily basis.
People are our passion and our business. All of our activities are focused on the specific individuals that we see on both sides of the recruitment process: the candidates and employers.
We undertake transparent and fair activities, for which we take full responsibility. We understand this value as a commitment to meet the real needs of our clients – employers and candidates.
We are specialists in solid work which is always culminated with precisely defined effects. We achieve our goals in an honest and reliable way – our effectiveness is a measure of our success.
In everything we do, we strive for excellence. Curiosity and the desire to develop drive our actions. We take on activities to know more and to better understand the “why”.
We work on the basis of facts and data, and in addition we love measurability. We approach problems analytically, effectively identifying the causes, effects and solutions.
We care about the positive atmosphere within our team that creates an integrated, well-functioning organization with a sense of humor :).
We are not afraid to ask tough questions. We question given assumptions and look for ways to improve it. Our goal is to foster a positive revolution in the recruitment industry by breaking down existing schemes.

See what other say about us

The level of recruitment conducted by you is very different, very professional. I enjoyed playing the game. A lot of companies should use this solution.

— A candidate in the recruitment process conducted by 313C for a client

Teleport2020 made me realize how much success depends on planning and how much on reacting and adapting to change. By wanting to keep to our initial plans, our team found itself in the worst position possible. The old adage, “Change or die”, proved to be correct.

— Stanisław Just, Managing Director, Premonition

Thank you for the very professionally prepared recruitment process. I think that many companies could learn from you. Thank you for your professionalism and a friendly atmosphere. I wish you continued success.

— A candidate in the recruitment process conducted by 313C for a client

I am glad that I took part in the [recruitment] process run by you. The 90-minute game is fantastic. It doesn’t waste unnecessary time, because it verifies strengths, weaknesses and abilities.

— A candidate in the recruitment process conducted by 313C for a client

Very cool process – it’s the first time I participated in recruitment that uses online games. I like the way the technology was used in the process. Skype, for e.g. is an exceptionally convenient and friendly way of recruiting. Other companies should follow your example.

— A candidate in the recruitment process conducted by 313C for a client