Forget CV verification.
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Make the best personnel decisions by measuring values and competency matching through online psychometric games.

Not another declarative assessment

Real job dilemmas

Custom gamified Situational Judgement Tests, providing realistic job preview.

Behaviour assessment

100% remote psychometric measurement of behaviours relevant for job success.

Data-driven decisions

High validity, similar to a day-long onsite AC. Clear reports allowing bias-free decisions.

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online recruitment games

Online recruitment games

  • These are high-tech measurement tools based on situational judgement tests with a higher validity than Assessment Centre.
  • Thanks to their attractive form, coherent storyline and gamification mechanisms, online recruitment games attract and engage Candidates, achieving an exceptionally high completion rate of 90%.
  • By interactively presenting a series of realistic work situations that Candidates may experience in their future job, online recruitment games created by 313C build realistic perceptions of the position and the company, while also analysing Candidates’ behaviour.
  • Algorithms programmed into the game assess the fit between Candidates and the position and the organization. As a result, at the very first stage of recruitment, Recruiters can make selection decisions based on objective data that shows which Candidates are most likely to become top performers.
  • By providing all Candidates with an objective assessment and the same opportunities to demonstrate their potential, 313C’s online recruitment games are an essential part of building a true culture of diversity.
Our collaboration with 313C Sp. z o.o. began in 2017 as part of the implementation of our flagship project, which is the Internship Program in our company. The recruitment game generated significant interest among the candidates. Over the course of 7 editions, more than 16,000 candidates participated in the recruitment process, over 1,800 of them were accepted for internships, and about 20-30% of them chose to stay with us permanently in each edition. Hiring managers working with 313C appreciate the efficiency of the recruitment process and the ability to choose well-matched candidates. The recruitment game is an interesting element that allows candidates to get to know their future position as well as their strengths and areas for development. In our long-term cooperation with 313C, it is worth noting their ability to adapt to changing trends and needs, as well as the ongoing contact with the project coordinator, Joanna. 313C is a company that provides tools, but also helps us achieve recruitment goals for the younger generation.
Anna Karyś-Sosińska
Human Resources Director at Budimex S.A.
Their online recruitment games are excellent. There’s nothing I would do differently.
Stan Just
R&D Manager
CD Projekt Red
You can really see the results - IT’S SO WORTH IT!
Antoni Wojtulewicz
President S.B.

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Since 2010 313C has been creating online assessment games to provide the highest level candidate to company match.
Our methodology is based on evaluation of values, predisposition and competencies. We effectively combine scientific approach with business reality to deliver true value.

313C is registered as a specialised employment agency no. 13070 in the National Register of Employment Agencies.