We Deliver New Generation Recruitment

Comprehensive recruitment processes, using innovative tools that guarantee:
^ High accuracy candidate matching
^ Exceptional quality and engagement in the eyes of candidates, building a positive employer brand
^ Measurability of each stage and evidence-based decisions
^ Long-term effectiveness and retention


Gamification is the new horizon of recruitment; increasing efficiency, appeal and minimizing costs

Get to know your candidates, using proven tech-practices – implementing dedicated, specifically designed on-line games during the recruitment processes. This new, engaging and effective method of measurement and comparison between candidates will take your recruitment campaigns to the next level.


Acquire employees consistent with your company’s values

We use a breakthrough methodology, which allows for optimal matching of candidates to organizations. This methodology significantly decreases attrition among recruited employees and increases the likelihood of long-term commitment and increased employee satisfaction.



Playing the game of your own business is a great opportunity to experiment with bold moves and decisions. By exceptional and accurate modeling or the internal and external processes of our company, the game gave us a tremendous insight in the complexity of its day to day operations, and that made us realize the challenges that face us and helped to build our team. I recommend this experience to anyone, regardless of their position in the organization.

— Paweł Kołodziej, Project Manager, xtech.pl