Value-based recruitment

Values are beliefs that determine our behavior. In professional life they are of great importance. When a candidate’s personal values match with your organizational values the chances of long-term cooperation and satisfaction significantly increase. The concept of value-matching is especially important right now, in the face of “war for talent”, particularly in sectors exposed to high turnover. Value-mismatch causes frustration, discontent and, consequently, the quick resolution of cooperation. Value compliance, the concept of a well matched person to organization and team, on the other hand, promoted long-term commitment to an organization. This in turn increases job effectiveness and satisfaction, making the most by the employee’s core competencies, traits and predispositions.

Considering this, 313C’s processes take value matching as on the basic entry criterion for the recruitment process. Within this process, we verify competencies, experiences, predispositions and potential for development.

In order to verify value-matching, it is necessary to determine values at a precise behavioral level.

We offer our clients both support in value development and verification as to whether the values declared by the organization are active in the minds and daily professional activists of its employees.

All activities related to the identification and verification of values held occur during the diagnostic phase of the project and are conducted according to 313C proprietary methodology, which has been developed on the basis of the best practices in the field.