New Generation Recruitment

^ New Generation Recruitment (NGR) is a proprietary recruitment process designed by 313C. The NGR guides candidates through specialized steps and tools that have been tested and calibrated in a competitive business environment.

^ Creating your company’s tailored recruitment process begins with an analysis of your organizational structures. 313C uses this to adapt the NGR to match your company’s individual needs and specificities. Once the diagnostic phase is completed clients receive the results in a detailed report, including an implementation plan and timeline.

^ 313C uses the diagnostics to create the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) for your company. The SJT is a series of recruitment-oriented puzzles and schematics. Every 313C project includes a pilot phase, where the SJT is tested and validated, prior to the full production of the recruitment game. During this period, other tools are also prepared. These tools are later calibrated, together with the game, during the first iteration, before proceeding with implementation. This ensures that the recruitment process meets client expectations and serves 100% of its purpose when implementation starts.

^ The Situational Judgement Test and the other tools used by 313C, are built by a series of experts in the field of recruitment and gamification; and include the authors of the first book on the Polish market dedicated to the theory and practice of using this type of testing in recruitment, selection and employee assessment. This expertise guarantees the accuracy and reliability of 313C tools.

^ Research in recruitment and selection theory ranks the accuracy of the Situational Judgement Tests as almost on a par with the Assessment Center Method, establishing SJT as a far less costly, more scalable alternative for companies.

^ 313C tailored tools and proprietary process provide applicants with a unique Candidate Experience. Personalized recruitment processes increase effectiveness when targeting valuable candidates and help build employer branding. This is particularly important when looking for Gen Y candidates, who make professional decisions based on more than potential earnings.

^ All selection decisions, made in recruitment processes created by 313C, are based on data obtained throughout a sequence of several stages, consisting of: recruitment and selection games, CV verification, Skype interview, reference verification and in-person interview. Each stage gives an opportunity to compare candidates and to select those with the greatest potential. Clients receive comprehensive reports that include comparative analysis, to bolster the decision making process.

^ The data collected throughout the process not only promotes informed hiring decisions, but also enables process optimization and refinement of application requirements (i.e. the Competency Model). Additionally, measuring the results of the recruitment process after three, six and 12 month milestones, helps identify areas for further development.

313C projects have achieved the following results:
^ More than 100% higher recruitment effectiveness compared to the market (measured by the conversion rate of the job-advert views to the number of applications)
^ The annual attrition rate among those recruited using 313C methodology was four times lower than the average attrition rate for the whole group of employees working in the same position
^ 98% employer satisfaction rate with recruited employees
^ 95% employee satisfaction rate with employers
^ Over 3,000 candidates verified within 313C recruitment and selection processes
^ 99% positive feedback about the processes, among both successful and unsuccessful candidates