Gamification in recruitment and selection:

Gamification in recruitment and selection

We’ve developed specifically designed recruitment games based on Situational Judgement Tests. These tests provide high-quality data at the first stage of recruitment and allow for unprecedented effectiveness in identifying candidates strengths and gaining insights into candidate skills.

Innovative online games are an integral and unique part of 313C’s New Generation Recruitment (NGR), enabling the fulfilment of a number of purposes.

^ The visually engaging, web-based recruitment games created by 313C, appeal to all candidates. As the natural environment of Generation Y and Z, the games are designed to address the specific to challenges in obtaining valuable candidates from this segment. While serving as a native, engaging environment for these types of applicants, the games require a specific commitment from the user, automatically verifying a candidate’s motivation early in the process.

^ Reinforce positive employer branding and become an Employer of Choice by using 313C processes to provide a positive recruitment experience for candidates.

^ Web-based and grounded in Situational Judgment Test Methodology , games are used in the first stages of recruitment, allowing for the identification of valuable candidates. By *diagnosing values, competences and potential for development, the games also provide opportunities to candidates with limited experience, preventing disqualification during the CV screening stage.

^ Games that present the reality of a specific job (Realistic Job Preview) allow candidates to understand and deal with job specifics at the recruitment stage. As a result, candidates make informed decisions when accepting jobs, reducing the risk of premature rotation.

^ The online availability allows for significant time and financial savings for both sides

Summary of key benefits:
^ Consistent and Positive Employer Branding
^ Identify valuable candidates
^ Increased efficacy in selection during preliminary recruitment stages
^ Unprecedented transparency into organizational realities and job requirements for candidates
^ Cost and efficiency benefits for Employers and Candidates
^ Tailored Processes fit to Gen Y and Z